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Alarmlink® - Cellularm® - SmartSite® Are Registered Trademarks Of AlarmLink, Inc.

AlarmLink develops systems and software
for systems utilized by and within the alarm industry.

Beginning in 1972 AlarmLink developed a Central Station Automation package which was U.L. listed. The software helped alarm companies automate the process of processing alarm signals from alarm customers, displaying relevant information to the central station dispatchers who in turn notified the appropriate police or fire agency. Dispatchers then followed up by notifying the customer of the alarm event. Open and close schedules made it possible to accurately ensure that each business was closed when it should be and not opened prior to it's assigned schedule. All routine signals were logged automatically and a complete history of all events were logged into the computer system for later recall when needed. This automation system is still in use today.

Radio transmission for the alarm industry was already available, but was hit and miss with respect to reliability. Occasionally interference would prevent the radio receiver from hearing the subscriber radio signals. In 1987, AlarmLink began to design a system that would increase reliability of reception to 99.9%. The result was the first multi-site mesh radio network used in the alarm industry, which was also U.L. listed. The software and product which grew from this effort was called the SmartSite. AlarmLinks' mesh networks were sold and installed in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Phoenix, Houston, Lubbock, Minneapolis, St. Louis, Atlanta, Charlotte, and Budapest Hungary.

The systems in Los Angeles, San Francisco and Phoenix were operated by RadioLink under the trade name Cellularm. The networks in these three cities are sill in operation today along with AES radio networks which were later added.

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