The concept of monitoring alarms and doing off premise video monitoring and/or recording over a private Wi-Fi network is definitely a unique idea. We like to believe that AlarmLink is the first alarm industry company to accomplish this feat.

 It seemed totally logical to us that this concept provided for the best of both worlds. A network of this type provides for multi-site coverage for subscribers, the speed and reliability of Internet monitoring, and it’s wireless. A private network with lightning fast speed, the reliability of Internet polling and supervision, and no phone lines to cut. Seems pretty logical to us.

 AlarmLink offers monitoring and retransmission using both wired and wireless Internet devices and services. AlarmLink maintains a private 2.4ghz and 5ghz wireless Ethernet network that covers major portions of the Murrieta – Temecula areas. Even if you are not an AlarmLink alarm customer, AlarmLink is still able to monitor single individual items like temperature, light, flooding, liquid level, object removal, magnetic field, activity sensing, accelerometer, and humidity.

We are available to dealers on a consultant basis to help you understand how to build a wireless network in your community for both monitoring alarm systems as well as offering off premise video monitoring and/or recording in your area.  You will be shocked when you find out how inexpensive it is.

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