Another service that AlarmLink offers is video monitoring and recording. Unique to an AlarmLink video system is that all video from your location is recorded at AlarmLink’s offices. There is no DVR at your location, nothing but the cameras and an Internet connection. Why do we do it this way? When a burglary occurs, one of the first things that gets scooped up is the DVR, and you end up with no video of the perpetrator.
There is no DVR for you to buy, no DVR to operate, no DVR to get repaired, and no DVR to get stolen and then replaced. The cost of the system is much less expensive. You can virtually view video at your business from anywhere in the world by simply accessing our video server. Use your computer, laptop, iPod, iPad, or any web-enabled device for viewing. When you have an event occur that you need to see, simply download that clip from our server, it’s that simple.

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